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Frequently Asked Questions


Is your furniture made from solid wood?
Yes, all of our furniture is constructed using only the highest grades of pine, quarter-sawn oak, oak, maple, ash, walnut and cherry.

Is your furniture custom made?
Yes, at DreamWood each piece is hand crafted using the traditional cabinet making techniques which will ensure your furniture will last
for generations.

Is there a choice of colours and finishes?
At DreamWood, we offer a wide selection of standard stains as well as painted, distressed and antiqued finishes. We can also custom match to your existing furniture.

Is your Mission Collection available in other woods?
Yes the Mission Collection is available in quarter-sawn white oak, quarter-sawn red oak, and maple or cherry.

Do you ship to the United States and the rest of Canada?
Yes, we will blanket wrap and ship to the continental United States and Canada.

How long will my order take to complete?
Generally domestic orders take 6 to 8 weeks. For U.S. orders, an additional 2 to 4 weeks may apply.

How do I care for my furniture?
Our furniture has maintenance free post catalyzed lacquer which only needs to be wiped with a damp cloth. We recommend against using oils, waxes or polishes as they may break down the quality of the post catalyzed lacquer.

What is post catalyzed lacquer?
In our final finish the catalyst (which is the strengthening and hardening agent in the lacquer) is added just prior to application and therefore it provides the hardest, toughest, most heat and water resistant finish of any lacquer product available today. The post catalyzed lacquer continues to cure for 21 days after the final application although within one hour, the piece is ready to be handled. When it comes to everyday use, our rule of thumb is, if something is too hot to touch, don't put it directly on your furniture.

How do you compare the different types of wood?
All woods are unique in their grain and durability and all will last for generations. However, pine is a softwood and its outstanding feature is knots. Oak, maple and cherry are all hardwoods, and each one has its own unique grain and texture qualities. Generally speaking, pine is less expensive than hardwood.